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With the Worker’s Mobile App, managing shifts and tracking time has never been this simple simpler. Say goodbye to bothersome cumbersome piles of paperwork and time-consuming form sorting manual processes.
Vertex 360's Time Solution
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Vertex 360's Streamlined Time Tracking simplifies time management with its intuitive interface and useful features.

Clock In with Ease

Empower your team to clock in and out of shifts with just a tap on their mobile devices. Our intuitive interface ensures seamless time tracking, enabling accurate records with minimal effort.

Streamlined Time Tracking 

With the Worker’s Mobile App, managing shifts and tracking time has never been this simple. Say goodbye to bothersome piles of paperwork and time-consuming form sorting.  

Unscheduled Shifts

Allocating shifts quickly and efficiently is simple with Vertex360’s Worker Mobile App. Whether it’s a sudden need or an urgent requirement, instruct your workers to start an unscheduled shift right from their mobile devices. 

Welfare Check

Ensure the well-being of your workers with the Welfare Check feature on Vertex360’s Worker Mobile App. Easily conduct welfare checks and know your worker’s location to ensure your team’s safety and security while on duty. 

Report Incidents

Vertex360’s Worker Mobile App empowers your workers to report incidents promptly. With just a few taps, incidents can be documented and reported in real-time, ensuring swift response and resolution. 

Record Shift Notes

Keep track of essential details and observations during shifts with the Record Shift Notes feature on Vertex360’s Worker Mobile App. Quickly jot down notes and insights to maintain comprehensive shift records. 

View Timesheets

Stay updated on your work hours effortlessly with the View Timesheets feature on Vertex360’s Worker Mobile App. Access your timesheets conveniently from your mobile device to track your work hours accurately. 

View Weekly Schedule

Plan your week effectively with the View Weekly Schedule feature on Vertex360’s Worker Mobile App. Access your weekly schedule anytime, anywhere, and stay organized with clear visibility of your upcoming shifts. 

Efficient Shift Management 

Stay informed and organized with our mobile app, which provides instant access to your scheduled shifts. Receive notifications for any updates or changes made by your provider, ensuring you’re always in the loop and ready for your next assignment. 

Real-Time Updates 

Stay informed and in control with real-time updates on shift statuses and team availability. Receive instant notifications for clock-ins, clock-outs, and shift changes, allowing you to respond promptly to any adjustments.   

Enhanced Accountability 

Ensure accountability and accuracy with GPS-enabled time tracking. Verify the location of clock-ins and clock-outs, giving you confidence in the authenticity of your team’s time records.   

Seamless Integration 

Our Worker’s Mobile App seamlessly integrates with the Vertex360 platform, providing a cohesive experience across all devices. Enjoy effortless synchronization of data and enhanced collaboration among your team members.   

Take Control of Your Shifts 

Experience the freedom and flexibility of managing shifts on the go with the Vertex360 Worker’s Mobile App. Empower your team, streamline your processes, and elevate efficiency with our innovative mobile solution. 

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