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Support Coordination

Support Coordination

Welcome to Vertex360’s cutting-edge Support Coordination module, designed to revolutionize the way you manage support services and streamline your coordination efforts. With a suite of powerful sub-features, this module empowers you to effectively navigate the complexities of support coordination and deliver exceptional outcomes for participants.
Coordination Magic
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It’s like having a personal coordinator who waltzes through service intricacies.


The Support Coordination Dashboard has a range of useful widgets designed to enhance operational efficiency and decision-making. These include:

Billable Hours: Provides a comprehensive overview of total billable hours, allowing for effective tracking and management of service provision.

Weekly Hours Breakdown: This section presents a graphical representation of total billable and non-billable weekly hours, enabling quick analysis of resource allocation and workload distribution.

Total COS Clients: Displays the number of COS clients, facilitating monitoring of client caseloads and resource allocation.

Leadership Board: Highlights support coordinators’ names alongside the number of active participants each coordinator manages.

With these widgets, the Support Coordination Dashboard empowers you to make informed decisions and optimize support coordination processes effectively.

Participant List

Gain instant access to a comprehensive list of participants under your care, allowing you to track and manage their support needs efficiently. From contact details to specific requirements, our participant list feature puts essential information at your fingertips, ensuring no participant is overlooked.  

Add Detailed Case Notes

Keep detailed records of participant interactions and support coordination activities with our comprehensive case notes feature. From phone calls to meetings and progress updates, our secure platform allows you to maintain a complete and accurate record of participant interactions, enhancing transparency and accountability.

NDIS Compliance

With all the case notes digitally recorded, NDIS compliance becomes a breeze. You can quickly and swiftly collect and access all necessary information for NDIS reviews and compliance checks.


Simplify your invoicing process and save valuable time. With Vertex360, you can instantly generate invoices based on services delivered and the latest NDIS pricing. Our automated submission feature ensures invoices are promptly sent to families or the NDIS, streamlining your financial workflows.  

NDIS Claims Batch File

Simplify submitting NDIS claims and accessing funding for participant support services. Our integrated NDIS claims feature streamlines claim submission, verification, and processing, helping you easily navigate the complexities of NDIS funding.  

Funds Management 

The Support Coordination module provides a clear overview of client care plans and available funds, empowering you to effectively plan and deliver support. Maximising resources ensures your clients receive the highest standard of care possible.   

NDIS Digital Price Catalogue

Explore a diverse range of support services available to participants through NDIS’s extensive service catalogue. At Vertex360, we ensure that our price catalogue stays current with the latest NDIS updates. With our up-to-date catalogue readily accessible, you won’t have to spend time searching for the latest pricing information whenever you need it. 

Service Providers Database

Connect with a network of trusted service providers to deliver high-quality support solutions to participants. Our service provider directory enables seamless collaboration and communication, facilitating efficient service delivery and ensuring participants receive the best possible care. 

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