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Vertex360 is committed to making NDIS services more accessible for participants. From onboarding to providing long-term care through an innovative NDIS software system, Vertex360 does it all.

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Discover Features of Vertex360 NDIS Software

Human Resource Management

The days of spending hours caught up in the hectic manual work are over. Modernize your HR and build a system that digitalizes your work and helps you get rid of your old-fashioned paperwork, reflecting your innovative approach. Manage your hiring, onboarding, employee performance management, NDIS HR compliance and HR workflows in one place.

Participant Onboarding

Eradicating the paperwork is what we’ve achieved. From managing the participants’ support plan to managing their documents to adding multiple assessments with automatic expiry reminders, this NDIS software is a one big tool to manage all of that from a single portal.

Participant Management

Our platform enables you to add participants quickly without any paperwork or manual processes. This means you can get started with their services faster, and participants can receive the care they need more rapidly and hassle-free.

Workers Portal / Support Workers

The admins can use this portal to track workers and ensure they are up-to-date on their documentation, making this a great way to stay organized and ensure that your workers comply with your company’s policies. Workers can upload and modify pre-uploaded docs per requirement and view the profile of every assigned participant.

Incident Form

Workers and service providers have access to the instant injury form on Vertex360, which allows them to report any injuries the participant faces and provides information on the intensity. The digital document makes it quick and easy to fill out and can be submitted with just a few clicks.

Service Provider Dashboard

Vertex360 dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your organisation, covering everything from the HR status to participants’ onboarding levels to recent applicants. At a glance, this dashboard gives you a high-level overview of what’s happening in the organisation without having to jump back and forth between pages.

Participants Listing

The participant listing feature of Vertex360 provides easy access to the participant’s documents, with clickable names that give a complete profile view. We have installed a quick view button that displays a summary of the participant with an edit option on the listing. To simplify the process a bit more, the search bar allows the service provider to search for any participant (active/inactive) without having to scroll through multiple profiles.

Centralized Search

Vertex360 utilises the spotlight search feature, allowing you to find the information you need in one central location seamlessly. With spotlight search, users can type in a keyword or phrase and command the system to display all relevant results in one place.

Applicant Tracking System

Vertex360 (ATS) enables the electronic handling of recruitment needs. Our team utilizes the applicant tracking system to keep tabs on participants’ applications and phone screening, generate interview requests to potential participants via email or text message, and determine the result accordingly.

Workers Management System

Vertex360 Worker Management System is a comprehensive system that helps you to manage your workers effectively. The system includes a variety of features that allow you to track your workers’ performance, schedule shifts, and more. The system allows service providers to assign participants so that they align perfectly with their individual needs and stay compliant.

Forms Management & Designer

Vertex360’s form management system is easy to use and helps you stay compliant. NDIS Regulation categories, it’s simple to keep track of all the forms that need to be filled out on high priority. The form consists of mandatory categories like risk management and medication information, making it easier for the service provider to analyze each detail quickly.

Forms Versioning & Storage

With Vertex360, you can keep track of all the forms! The submitted forms contain multiple versions; service providers can maintain a history of previous form changes, retrieve any versions as per requirement, and track any record simultaneously through this innovative system.

Automatic Contracts Generation

Vertex360’s Automatic Contracts Generation feature ensures that all NDIS service agreements are up-to-date and compliant with the latest NDIS standards. This feature streamlines the contract management process and saves time for both participants and providers.


Workers & Service Providers can lodge their complaints into the system against any participant or colleague. The Service Provider gets to know about each complaint coming in from the worker, giving them a room to take the right actions.


Vertex360 offers a simple but powerful feedback function, allowing support workers and team members to provide confidential input on participants, colleagues, or challenges encountered in their roles. This feedback is accessible only to managers or administrators, facilitating prompt decision-making to enhance service delivery.

Worker’s Dashboard

The workers’ dashboard provides comprehensive insights into an upgraded feature that keeps workers productive. This central location simplifies document management for workers. From here, they can view the complete list of participants and assigned participants so they’re right on track without wasting any time.

Worker’s Limited Control

At Vertex360, we understand the importance of balancing accessibility with security, especially when it comes to participant data. Our Worker’s Limited Control feature ensures only have the support workers have the necessary access to participant information while maintaining strict privacy and security protocols.
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