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Providers Dashboard

Provider Dashboard

Vertex360’s Provider Dashboard is your one-stop destination for streamlined management and enhanced oversight. With an array of features designed to optimize efficiency and ensure compliance, our platform empowers providers to deliver exceptional support services in the NDIS space.
Streamlined Control
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Provider Dashboard excels in simplifying tasks for seamless management.
Effortless Oversight
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Provider Dashboard simplifies management, offering intuitive control for streamlined operations.

Participant Compliance

Track compliance metrics effortlessly with our intuitive dashboard. Monitor participant compliance percentages based on necessary documents and forms required for complete onboarding, ensuring adherence to NDIS regulations and standards.   

Incidents Notifications

Incident Notification keeps you updated with incidents during shifts, ensuring prompt response and intervention. This feature helps all stakeholders, including managers, supervisors, and compliance officers, to facilitate timely action and resolution.   

HRM Compliance

Effortlessly monitor HRM compliance metrics with our sleek dashboard. Monitor compliance percentages for all onboarded workers, ensuring seamless adherence to NDIS regulations and standards. 

Expiring Docs

Stay ahead with timely reminders! Our platform notifies workers of expiring documents like employment contracts, passports, and licenses, ensuring they stay updated and compliant with NDIS regulations. Keep your workforce organised and regulation-ready with ease. 

Workers Key Stats

Discover vital insights at a glance! Our dashboard showcases key stats such as total active workers, upcoming birthdays, work anniversaries, and performance reviews. Now, Providers can stay updated on essential worker information and team milestones. 


Stay informed and proactive with real-time notifications for complaints and incidents. Our platform ensures prompt responses and effective issue resolution to maintain service quality and participant satisfaction.   

Shift Management

Stay organised and efficient with an overview of upcoming shifts and assigned workers. Our platform provides a comprehensive list of workers and their upcoming shifts, enabling seamless scheduling and resource allocation.   

NDIS Socials 

Stay connected and informed with curated NDIS social media feeds. Access the latest updates and news from NDIS Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as NDIS News, birthday events, work anniversaries, and performance reviews. 

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