Vertex 360

Invoicing Made Easy: Discover the '360-Solution' You Need!


Are you tired of the hassle involved in creating and managing NDIS invoices?
Transform your invoicing process with Vertex360’s automated NDIS invoicing feature! Designed to make your life easier, our new feature streamlines the entire invoicing workflow, allowing you to focus more on providing exceptional care to your participants

Effortless Invoicing

Generate invoices with just a few simple clicks. Our streamlined interface makes it easy for you to create and manage invoices without any hassle, saving you upto 50% of your admin time and effort.

Built in NDIS Price Catalogue

Forget about manual calculations! Our system automatically retrieves NDIS rates based on criteria such as service category, public holidays, weekends, daytime, evening, and nighttime. This ensures you always charge the correct rates effortlessly.

Streamlined Process

Significantly reduce the manual effort required to calculate rates and prices. Our automated system handles the heavy lifting, saving you invaluable time and resources.

Conveniently Email Invoices

Send invoices to any email address with a single click. This ensures quick and efficient communication with your participants and plan managers, reducing the turnaround time for payments.

Versatile Output Options

Download invoices in PDF and Excel formats to meet various needs. Whether you need detailed spreadsheets or ready-to-send PDFs, we’ve got you covered.

Improved Accuracy

Our invoicing feature ensures you always charge the correct rates, reducing errors and improving your billing accuracy. This leads to fewer disputes and faster payments.
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