Vertex 360

NDIS Software Benefits

Unlock a world of benefits with Vertex360, your all-in-one NDIS software solution. From streamlined participant onboarding to cutting-edge compliance management, our platform empowers NDIS service providers with unmatched efficiency and innovation.


Service Provider Dashboard

Vertex360 organizes everything about your organization in a view, from the HR status to participants on boarding levels. This dashboard, at a glance, gives you a high-level overview of what is happening in the organization without having to jump back and forth or drill down on various pages.

Applicant Tracking System

Vertex360 (ATS) enables the electronic handling of recruitment needs. The software utilizes the applicant tracking system to keep tabs on participants’ applications and phone screening, generate interview requests to potential participants via email or text message, and review the result accordingly.


Feedback will help your organization to upgrade services and generate better strategies on how to execute them according to the diverse needs of each worker or members of the service providing team. We understand that everyone expects quick implementation of their feedback which is why Vertex360 takes its time to go through each feedback entry, and work on these accordingly.

Centralized Search

Vertex360 utilizes the spotlight search feature that allows users to find the information they need seamlessly in one central location. This is especially useful when users jump between multiple pages to find the necessary information.

Worker’s Limited Control

Vertex360’s Automatic Contracts Generation feature ensures that all NDIS regulations agreements are up-to-date and compliant with the latest NDIS standards. This feature streamlines the contract management process and saves time for both participants and providers.

Worker’s Dashboard

The workers dashboard gives a look into an upgraded feature that keeps the workers on a roll. This central location simplifies document management for workers. From here, they can view the complete list of participants, and assigned participants so they’re right on track without wasting any time.


Software Subscription​

The more, the merrier! We believe in celebrating your success. When you onboard your first 10 participants, we celebrate by gifting you a complimentary month of our powerful software subscription, taking your progress to new heights!

Customised Website

Get ready to stand out from the crowd with a website designed exclusively for you. Our team of experts will create a digital masterpiece that showcases your uniqueness and leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

Accounting and Plan Management Advice

With Vertex360, you will not just be part of a community; you will have access to top-notch NDIS Consultants offering personalized advice to help you manage your finances and plans efficiently, leading you towards a prosperous future.

Advice by NDIS Legal Experts

Worried about legal matters? Fear not! Vertex360 has teamed up with the best NDIS legal experts to ensure your interests are protected. Receive complimentary legal advice that will empower you to make confident decisions.

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